Edward "Ed" Malinowski, Shidōshi
Ed's interest in ninjutsu began the same as many others of his generation, spending much of the late 80s and early 90s pouring over copies of Ninja magazine and studying anything he could get his hands on written by Masaaki Hatsumi or the early pioneers of ninjutsu in the West. While he did what he could to learn from the texts, it wasn't until a friend introduced him to Bob Trojan that his martial journey began in earnest. Since that day, Ed has been fortunate enough to train with some phenomenal martial artists, from impromptu sessions in Charles Daniel's driveway to hot summers in Japan with Sōke and the Japanese Shihan to countless years of good, hard training with Bob, and in 2005 at the Tokyo Daikomyosai Ed got to say "thank you" to all of them in the best way he knew how -- by passing the godan test on his first try and earning his own shidōshi menkyo.

Ed now leads Funin Dojo as well as teaches the Chicago North group, where he shares his extensive experience and passion for the art with a new generation of martial artists. In addition to having cross-trained in a variety of other disciplines and offering women's self-defense seminars, Ed has a significant background in European rapier combat; a true student of the sword, he enjoys the contrast between Eastern and Western technique, and frequently incorporates this into his instruction. Professionally, Ed serves as the CIO of a major hotel chain; he also created and maintains this website.

Christopher "Chris" Petrus, Shidōshi-ho
Chris spent his younger years watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on television, and pouring through magazines like Black Belt and Ninja. At age seven, he found an old tae kwon do training manual in a friend's basement, and would sit for hours mimicking the exercises and forms. He soon enrolled in his first dojo, sparking an interest in the martial arts that carries on to this day.

By sheer chance, Chris met someone in 1991 who was training with Bob Trojan, and he has been involved with Funin Dojo and the Bujinkan ever since. In addition to having had the great pleasure of training with many great martial artists in his time, Chris also served a tour with the United States Marine Corps; he credits both with expanding his understanding of budo and bringing real-world experience to his training. Beyond sharing this unique perspective and practical expertise with his students in the Rockford group, Chris has offered numerous self-defense and anti-assault seminars for children, women, and the elderly.

Carlos Paredes, Shidōshi-ho
Carlos was born in the city of Cuautla in Morelos, Mexico. Originally an English professor at La Paz college, he later became chief of security for the Mexican government. Much of his life has been spent studying a variety of martial arts, but it was after meeting Bob Trojan that he began the training which he would teach to this day. Now, he teaches ninjutsu in Mexico to both military personnel and civilians alike.

~ Instructors Emeritus ~

Bohdan "Bob" Trojan, Shidōshi
Bob has been training in the martial arts and leading Funin Dojo for longer than most of us can remember. In July of 2008 he stepped down from everyday instructing and dojo leadership in order to spend more time with his family and personal martial pursuits, but his contributions live on in the training of every Funin member of the past two decades. He remains an outstanding resource and a good friend to everyone fortunate enough to know him.