Welcome to the official homepage of the Funin Dojo.

People pursue the martial arts for a staggering variety of reasons. Self-defense, health and fitness, confidence, discipline, a chance to explore a foreign culture -- there are perhaps as many reasons to study the martial arts as there are arts themselves! Because everyone's experiences are unique, it is imperative that the martial art a prospective student chooses be one that meets his or her individual needs and goals.

At the Funin Dojo, we teach the art of the martial organization known as the Bujinkan. Called ninjutsu, the art of the Bujinkan is not a sport; you will find no rings, no competitions, no trophies here. Instead, you will find an effective and complete training system, steeped in centuries of tradition while still flexible enough to adapt to the present, and an approach which engages the body, mind, and -- most importantly -- the heart.

Please, feel free to look around our site, and don't hesitate to contact our instructors if you have any questions.

Ninpō ikkan!